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We are an independent Consultancy company offering a dependable software testing service, Training and Recruitment of professional testers.

We are totally committed to helping our clients achieve competitive advantage through the deployment of quality applications. This is done by us placing expert, proactive and reliable testing teams at the heart of your development projects.

Our testing consultancy is run in parallel with your project's development cycle using proven testing methodologies to deliver faster product development, more reliable products and reduced project costs.

One of the critical advantages of the main factors in gaining a competitive edge in the delivery of a new software product is the speed at which the software makes it to the market. We have identified ways you can achieve the competitive edge, firstly we identify during the development phase all critical and high priority defects and work with developers to priorities the fixes. This ensures all core functionalities are on track throughout the project; one of the main benefits of this is that all your core functionalities are built quicker. We achieve this by placing testing at the heart of the development process.

Quality of Product
The key to ensuring product quality is by aligning an effective QA process with the development process. While it uneconomical to deploy a 100% fault free system, it however quite possible to manage associated risks of deployment - early and accurately.
At Futuretrend, we have carefully selected testing professionals with years of proven experience at the highest level and over a wide range of sectors, who are willingly to get stuck in and integrate with your team to ensure the quality of the application meets your customer's expectations.
A higher percentage of IT projects run over time and budget, by engaging us at the beginning of your project we can help to avoid costly over-runs. We will start by aligning the test strategy within the financial constraints of your project then we'll make the development process more transparent, so if there are going to be any delays to deployment you will have had plenty of warning.
So, work with us to ensure the quality of your products are maintained thus guaranteeing your organisations competitive edge.
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Do you need an Umbrella Company?

As an independent contractor you will be expected to submit invoices for the work that you do for your agency/client; you will be responsible for your own income tax & national insurance contributions. You can handle this through your own Limited Company. However, this assumes you are prepared for the subsequent hard work and responsibility. Most contractors prefer to have somebody manage their affairs for them - this is the role of an Umbrella Company.

An Umbrella Company will raise invoices on your behalf, collect payments from the client, make payments to you after deducting tax & NI.
If you are just starting your first contract and are new to all this then we have some good news; we are affiliated with a great team of accountants that can help you with this.

If you are already contracting you know about all of the above; if you are however not happy with the service you are currently getting why not see what our partners can offer?

Outline benefits:

  • 100% HMRC compliant PAYE Solution

  • Immediate processing of all received income

  • Low¬†fees

    • Take home between¬†up to 85% of your contract value

    • It's simple to join

    • There are no start-up fees or exit penalties

    • Avoid the hassles of running your own limited company

    • All business insurances are provided including Professional Indemnity Insurance up to 5m

    • Generous referral fees

    • Access to in-house professional advisers and accountants

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