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The Industry

Telecommunications & Media

Our solutions are designed to bring accelerated results to the telecommunications and media industries. We achieve our results via a combination of industry foresight, commitment to delivery and implementation, and a belief in the importance of the sustainability of our work - our solutions are designed to continue delivering results long after we are gone. Some companies that are currently benefiting from our services are: British Telecom (BT), O2, T-Mobile, NTL and a host of others

Further information can be obtained from our Telecommunications & Media practice leader: info@careertesters.com


Our teams have been involved in providing our services to Pharmaceutical companies, i.e. GSK, Roche. We also had ateam of highly skilled individuals that worked on various aspects of the NHS's National Programme for IT (NPFIT) in various capacities.


Public Sector

We have a team of professionals who work to ensure that our solutions are tailored to work effectively within public sector organisations. This team has worked across a wide range of projects including strategy development, business case development, organisation establishment and change management, ERP implementations and systems design and integration.


Financial Services

Around the world, financial service firms are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. To stay competitive and keep pace with the new market forces that are transforming the industry, companies everywhere are finding it necessary to develop and implement a whole range of new innovative business applications.

Technology enablement is one of these strategies that are playing a major role in reshaping the industry. New developments are occurring with breathtaking speed and facilitating new and better ways of conducting business - utilizing the Internet, improved ways of managing customer relationships, creating and analyzing information, managing costs and achieving economies of scale.

In the UK , we have worked with some of the major insurance companies in a variety of assignments, implementation of core operational systems. We have also worked with several of the major retail banking organisations and Finance Houses, and receive strong support from our Alliance Partners.


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