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Cucumber Training

Cucumber BDD Framework Training (with BDD, 3 amigos, Cucumber JVM, Selenium WebDriver Integration, Java, Maven, Page Object Model with Page factory & Real time project frameworks)

Cucumber is a framework for writing and executing high level descriptions of your software's functionality.

Why learn Cucumber BDD?
It is useful to specify the test cases in easy plain english that even non-technical people can understand.

The act of writing BDD-style examples gives everyone on your project a clear understanding of what a feature means and when to start and stop building it.
BDD focuses on the behavioural aspect of the system...its an Outside-In methodology. It starts at the outside by identifying business outcomes, and drills right down into the features that will achieve those outcomes.Invariably,each feature is captured as a “story”.

On this course we will teach you the fundamental skills you need to make BDD and Specification by Example a success.
We'll give you solid training in test automation and how to write executable specifications with Cucumber.

What's more, your tutor will be Tanvi Nanda (one of the authors of the book "Master Selenium WebDriver programming fundamentals in Java" displayed opposite) . Tanvi's automation experience, ability to engage, enlighten and inspire her students is unparalleled...so you are in very good hands!

Audience, Prerequisites
The course is aimed at individuals and teams delivering and involved with software development and software quality assurance.

  • Developers
  • Test Analysts
  • Senior Test Analysts
  • SCRUM development team members
  • Business Product Owners
  • Technical Test Managers

Some Object Oriented programming experience (like C#, Java etc.) will be helpful.
Knowledge of Selenium basics also desirable
Students are recommended to attend our selenium web driver course if they are unfamiliar with this.
It is essential for you to bring your Laptop for setting up environments that will allow for practice after class.

Skype: You will need this for the post course support we provide after the classroom training

Course Outline

Cucumber JVM

  • What is BDD & What it means in Agile
  • 3 Amigos and Collaboration
  • How Cucumber implements BDD
  • Downloading Cucumber Jars
  • Setup Cucumber project
  • What is Gherkin language and how it is used in BDD
  • Preparing Features File having test scenarios
  • Writing step definitions to support test scenarios
  • Writing Runner Class
  • Annotations - Given, When, Then, And, But, Before and After
  • Passing parameters in Step definition Functions
  • Using regular expression in step implementation to parameterize
  • Parameterizing complete scenario using features class
  • Datatable in Cucumber overview and its implementation
  • Pretty, Tags and Glue
  • Background, Scenario Outline & Examples in Cucumber
  • Generating Cucumber Reports
  • Cucumber HTML and JSON Reports
  • Using Assertions to report failure

Maven Layer

  • Setup Maven
  • Download the Maven Dependencies for Cucumber, Selenium and Junit
  • Running the Maven project from Command Console

Selenium Layer

  • Create Selenium Project
  • Introducing selenium layer
  • Building custom functions
  • Use Firefox Driver/ Multiple Drivers
  • Use Xpath and ID to find elements
  • Execute the Test

Page Objects and Page Factory Layer

  • What is Page Object and its usage
  • What is Page Factory in Selenium
  • Create Page Objects and Page Factory Usage
  • Elements Abstraction Layer
  • Create Junit Tests using Page Objects
  • Execute the Test

Build Automation Framework (Wiring all the components to build a Cucumber based Test Automation project of a Live Website)

  • Pairing Exercise to derive and automate BDD scenario
  • Create the Maven Project
  • Create Cucumber Structure
  • Create business focused Cucumber feature files
  • Create Step definitions
  • Executing project from Maven
  • Background and Pending Exception
  • Create Abstraction
  • Introduce Page Objects
  • Introduce class to support multiple browsers.
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Parameterizing/repeating test cases from feature classes
  • Implementing/deciding Tags
  • Running all/limited tests
  • Generating Cucumber reports

What do past students say about our Test Automation Framework with Cucumber training?

Here are some recent testimonials of our Cucumber Training course:

I love the course Tanvi provided for Cucumber-JVM. I would call it workshop because it provides so much hands-on tasks and clear detailed view of framework of Cucumber-JVM. 

She is also easy-going, cheerful and oriented to make everyone comfortable with framework at the end of course. Definitely recommended and looking forward to attending her future workshops.

August 13, 2015

Saikrishna Kondruishna Kondru

Saikrishna Kondru
Test Analyst at BMJ Group

Tanvi was very patient while teaching.She takes you through the course same as real time working atmosphere and I recommend anyone who want's to start from scratch or want's to excel in BDD.

November 1st 2015

Divya Mishra
Senior Software Engineer & Scrum Master

I got to know Tanvi when i moved to London and was searching for jobs here. I knew a bit about BDD but wanted to understand the whole framework and use of it better. I decided to try Futuretrend Training Center as i had already done a course there and had loved it. 

Here, Tanvi was the trainer. Believe me when i say - i am difficult to please, but i was really impressed by Tanvi's knowledge and dedication. She has tremendous experience in field of BDD (java, ruby) . She puts in lot of effort to try to pass that knowledge and takes pain to create tutorials and sessions for trainees to work upon later. She has a knack of putting things across simply and really knows when soemone is understanding or not. Rarely are trainers so dedicated and knowledgeable at the same time. 
I learnt a lot from her and i would surely recommend her as a BDD expert

Burian Test Consultant

"Hi Tanvi,
It was a pleasure learning from you as well and thanks for bearing with my questioning.
I’ll try to go through the materials and if I have any issues I’ll get in touch.

If you do need a rookie automation QA in your team, please holla at me.
The only feedback I have (and this shouldn’t be taken / meant in a negative way) is that I feel if you fine tune the installation doc for PC and Mac and send this out to students before the course it would help greatly as per timing as we spent close to an hour plus with my installation (Partly due to my laptop being slow, me making a mistake with the installation because I was under stress as I was conscious of the time it was taking etc).
You’re still a star and I’ll gladly recommend your course to anyone I know wanting to learn Cucumber."

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