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Test Automation with Selenium Web Driver - Level 1 (Beginners)


Join us for this two day instructor-led course on Selenium WebDriver. Selenium is the most popular and effective open source tool available in the market right now for automating browser testing. Selenium allows both developers and testers to automate tests against their applications and execute them against IE, Firefox and Chrome. This course will enable the students to build a solid foundation in Selenium Web Driver.

What's more, your tutor will be Biswajit Nanda (one of the authors of the book "Master Selenium WebDriver programming fundamentals in Java" displayed opposite) so you can be guaranteed this is first rate training from a serious professional.

Some Object Oriented programming experience (like in C#, Java etc.) will be helpful.
Students are recommended to go through basic OOPs concepts before the course.
(A tutorial and links are supplied on registration for the course).
It is essential for you to bring your Laptop for setting up environments that will allow for practice after class.

Course Outline:

Quick overview of Java concepts

  • Java Installation
  • Eclipse IDE installation
  • Quick overview of Java programming concepts like classes and objects, Constructor, Data types, Conditional Statements(if-else), Loops (While, For), Arrays and ArrayList, Inheritance and Interfaces etc.

Selenium WebDriver (Part I) - Overview, Browser tools, Various Locator Strategies, Inspecting Web elements

  • Selenium Overview and Architecture
  • Selenium tools
  • Selenium IDE limitations
  • Selenium RC’s capabilities in addressing those challenges
  • Webdriver Overview
  • Documentation of Webdriver
  • Downloading Selenium Webdriver
  • Creating Webdriver projects
  • Overview of WebDriver interface and its methods
  • Overview of FirefoxDriver, IExplorerDriver and ChromeDriver class
  • Opening a browser window in Firefox
  • Common issues while opening urls in different browsers and their resloution
    • Setting the System property and opening a browser window in Internet Explorer
    • Setting the System property and opening a browser window in Chrome
  • Navigating to Urls - Get and Navigate methods
  • Viewing the page source of a web page
  • Inspect elements
  • Browser tools overview
  • Inspecting elements in Firefox, FireBug installation and usage
  • Inspecting elements using Chrome Developer tools in Chrome
  • Copy XPath and CSS features in browser tools
  • Installation of IE developer tools and inspect elements using IE developer tools
  • FindElement method overview
  • Various Locator Strategies
    • By Id
    • By Name
    • By class
    • By Link
    • By XPath
    • By CSS
    • By tag
  • findElement using all locator strategies
  • Best practices in selecting Locator Strategies
  • XPath Overview, Understanding Absolute and relative XPaths
  • XPath absolute path issues
  • Guidelines on creating XPaths using different properties of elements
  • Firepath overview and usage
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) overview and usage
  • Guidelines on creating CSSs using different properties of elements
  • findElements overview and examples

Selenium WebDriver and JUNIT          

  • Importance of JUNIT in WebDriver
  • JUNIT Overview
  • Downloading JUnit jar file, adding to build path
  • Creating and Running WebDriver JUnit tests
  • Annotations in JUnit @Before, @After and @Test tags, automation best practices in JUnit framework
  • JUnit Assertions
  • Implementing various assertions in projects like assertTrue, assertFalse, assertEquals and assertNotEquals

Lab Exercises

  • Lab exercises on creating JUnit tests in WebDriver

Selenium Web driver programming (Part II) – Handling various mouse and Keyboard events, screenshots, automating drop downs, radio buttons and checkboxes

  • Using Advanced User Actions API for mouse and
  • keyboard events
  • Understanding Actions class, Performing double
  • click event using Actions class
  • Other Action events
  • Creating screenshots in WebDriver
  • Executing JavaScript Code in WebDriver
  • Maximizing Browser window in WebDriver
  • Automating Dropdowns
  • Automating Radio buttons
  • Automating list boxes, reading the options from
  • the list boxes
  • Automating checkboxes
  • Dealing with Group of checkboxes

Lab Exercises

  • Lab work using various real time websites

Selenium Web driver programming (Part III) - Handling Pop Ups, Alerts and Waits in WebDriver           

  • Wait and pop ups in automation
  • Different types of Wait in Selenium and implementation
  • Thread Sleep, ImplicitWait and Explicit Wait
  • TimeOut Overview and implementation
  • Handling Pop ups
  • Dealing with multiple browser windows
  • Handling Alerts
  • Understanding Alert Class and methods, examples
  • Handling Confirm boxes
  • Handling Prompt boxes

Lab Exercises

  • Lab work using various real time websites

Selenium Web driver programming (Part III) - Handling Pop Ups, Alerts and Waits in WebDriver

  • Learn how to perform double click on a control
  • Learn how to perform drag and drop on a control
  • Learn how to create screenshots with Web driver
  • Learn how to execute Java script code
  • Learn how to maximize the browser window
  • Learn how to automate drop downs and lists
  • Learn how to check options in drop downs and lists
  • Learn how to check selected options in dropdowns and lists
  • Learn how to automate radio buttons and radio groups
  • Learn how to automate checkboxes

Selenium Interview questions and answers


What do past students say about our Test Automation with Selenium Web Driver training?

Here are some recent testimonials of our Selenium beginners Training course:


Aneta Kaczmarek
Aneta KaczmarekSoftware Tester

I attended Selenium Webdriver training course and it was great because of Biswajit! His style of explaining difficult topics in easy clear way is unique - it was my first training where everyone really understood everything. Also his support after training and encouraging his students to learn more and more is wonderful and helpful, so that is why I can recommend Biswajit'...more

August 18, 2015
Tunji Oloyede
Tunji Oloyede Consultant

I attended the Selenium Webdriver training course presented by Biswajit. His style of training was unique coupled with the fact that he had the industry experience which made the delivery of his training easy to understand and with great quality. He is very detailed and always willing to provide support post training. I would recommend Biswajit's Selenium Webdriver training. 

June 19, 2015



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