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Software Testing and Business Analyst Work Experience Mentoring Programme

We understand the challenges that most people looking for a career as a software tester or business analyst will face. The main problem is that even though you have had extensive training and are up to speed with all the theories and methodologies...what you lack is that solid end-to-end live project experience.

As part of this training programme, we are able to provide this work experience/Mentoring program to those that are keen to work in these fields using online agile delivery.

Project will last 4 weeks with scheduled meetings to be held in evenings approximately twice a week subject to project requirements.

Your mentor will be on hand throughout the project to support and guide you in putting the skills learned into a live project giving you hands on experience and your first step into your new career.


How does it work?

Projects will be broken down into 4 stages:

Stage 1: Project Briefing – Held with your mentor preparing you for the project and the meeting with stakeholders.

Stage 2: Stakeholder Meeting – You will meet with the stakeholder and any project managers of the project to discuss requirements.

Stage 3: Deliverables – with support from your mentor you will complete test cases, user stories, flow diagrams, reports etc.

Stage 4: Final Reports and Sign off – You will meet a final time with stakeholders to present final reports and have project signed off  

Additional Support: CV Review, Interview Preperation and job seaerches.  


video conferencing with Chetana A typical online meeting of Q/A's and B/A's with Team Leader Click here to see larger image


The Program doesn't impact on your day job as scheduled meetings take place in the evening then you are free to get on with your task in your own time.

What are the outcomes?

At the end of the project, participants will have had experience of:

  • Working within a project team environment, a good understanding of their role, key responsibilities and relationship with fellow project members
  • Working with stakeholders to gather and document requirements.
  • Working with business stakeholders to define, scope and initiate projects.
  • Breaking down complex business scenarios or problems into process and data models
  • Validating requirements by producing Use Cases and assessing requirements against defined quality criteria and Completion reporting etc.
  • Working with stakeholders to develop optimum solutions to defined requirements.
  • Presenting findings to business stakeholders and their project team.
  • Working with various project

Please book here or call us on 020 8443 2888 if you require more info on the programme.


Some reviews from students completing the mentoring program

I would like to Thank Futuretrend training team, first of all for the fantastic training and knowledge they share with their students. Futuretrend training (Software testing essentials) prepares you from scratch to kick start your career in software testing industry, syllabus is very precise and to the point for you to grab the in depth knowledge of technical areas that you will need to start as a Quality Analyst .
The mentoring program is fantastic opportunity to gain hands on industry experience, I learnt a lot from the project and my mentor is absolutely fantastic who is very sound technically, very professional and patient to answer all your doubts and motivates you to learn and supports you. The sessions were very interactive and practical. The meeting sessions arranged for the projects very professional and punctual, assignments given reinforces what you will be doing on a day today basis as a software tester. The instructors support you in all the way you want to gain your confidence in handling the situations you might experience in an interview or your new job.




This project and mentoring program really helped me for the job. In this project we got opportunity to see how testing performs in a company.
Chetan is a really good mentor. He cleared all my doubts in testing field and guided me whenever necessary.




My sincere gratitude for your help/assistance during and after the project.
Your quick responses to my inquiries let me know you cared about my success as a business analyst.
Your unfailing attention to detail is appreciated, I worried that I was disturbing you too much with my questions and calls for assistance but you never for once complained, you even encouraged it.



I have enjoyed the course thoroughly. Delivery was well paced and tasks set were clear and manageable. No question was too great or small to be answered by Chetan. The only improvement I would mention is that the skill levels of all BA participants would ideally be more aligned prior to course starting.



I studied software testing for almost a year and a half, but the knowledge I gained from you after joining this project is outstanding. You helped me not only with the project but in all other aspects related to software testing. I strongly believe whenever I face any problem or any query related to this field, you will be there to help me out, as you did throughout the project. It was a great experience being your student. I would like to keep this relationship in the future to gain more knowledge in the field of software testing.



Chetan, Thanks for your support and help during the work experience program.It has been really helpful and informative in terms of Manual Testing as well as Defect management tools. I would highly recommend you for software testing perspective. I hope to learn more from your knowledge and guidance in future.



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