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SQL Training

The course is aimed at ensuring delegates grasp an understanding of SQL's fundamental principles offering both theoretical and practical instruction. By learning SQL you will be able to demonstrate you have the necessary skills to implement databases and carry out essential queries required for testing and accessing information from database dependent systems. This accelerated programme is not only designed to aid Software Testers and Business Analysts in interviews but also on the job.

The demand for testers, with good technical knowledge is growing.

A tester who can perform back-end testing adds a great deal of value to projects and increases their marketability.

The demand for Business Analysts with solid SQL knowledge (especially in the finance and banking domain) is also rising.

A Business Analyst will need to learn SQL in orderTo query data, check for data quality, make ad-hoc queries, filter records, analyse trends and create reports

SQL Training



This hands-on course provides students with a working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) to be more effective in testing software applications. It not only provides a foundation of knowledge of database structures and SQL commands, but also hands-on experience. The course will be taught using a backend db (such as MySQL or Access) and writing the SQL commands via Access and/or MSQUERY, TOAD, PHP Myadmin.

Course Objectives   

  • Understand the basic structure of databases 
  • Create, read, update, and delete data using basic SQL commands. 
  • Perform relational joins and transactions on SQL tables
  • Perform subqueries and manipulate views.
  • Write SQL code to validate results from dynamic testing 
  • Use SQL code for static testing techniques 
  • Use SQL for data mining to generate better test cases 
  • Use SQL to generate sets of test data 
  • Write SQL to test stored procedures 
  • Actively participate in technical discussions of the database with the programmers

Audience, Prerequisites

The course is intended for beginner or intermediate testers,business analysts and engineers who need to develop a working knowledge of SQL to support their testing and data analysis.
The course is run online so you will need access to use Skype/teamviewer
Course Content


1. Understanding Database Structures

  • Understanding data and data types
  • Understanding attributes
  • Tables
  • Records
  • Primary/Secondary/Foreign Keys
  • Relationship between tables (one-one, one-many, many-many)
  • Group Workshop: Create a sample database

2. Understanding SQL

  • Define SQL 
  • SQL components
  • Simple SQL-Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete (CRUD)
  • Finding the data needed -Retrieving
  • Group Workshop: Writing Queries
  • Data manipulation (create, delete, update)
  • Group Workshop: Writing Inserts, deletes, modifications
  • Creating Views
  • Group Workshop: Creating Views
  • More advanced SQL
  • Joins, Nesting and recursion 
  • What to do with the data you've retrieved
  • Dumping data to files
  • Populating excel spreadsheets with data
  • Dumping the data into another database

3. Analyzing Database Design

  • Major DB vendors and basic differences in commands & SQL Tools
  • Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL
  • Where is validation done?
  • Data Mining for bugs and test cases
  • Group Workshop: Finding potential bugs in the database
  • Using ODBC 
  • Triggers and cursors
  • Stored Procedures
  • Timing and locking issues
  • Group Workshop: Testing stored procedures 

4. Importance of Back End Testing

  • Why back end testing is important
  • Characteristics of Back End testing
  • Back End testing phases
  • Back end test methods

5. Data Integrity 

  • Looking for data integrity bugs
  • Maintaining multiple test databases
  • Testing a database migration/conversion
  • Course Review


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