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Software Testing Essentials - Putting the Theory into Practice

You've read all the books out there that are dedicated to software testing (including the one opposite).
Maybe you have had a number of phone calls from agents? But in spite of however promising it may have seemed at the time - they never got back to you.

Maybe you've even been to a few interviews? The people were nice and accomodating but even you could tell from their eyes and body language that the answers you were supplying weren't being met with much enthusiasm.

Your not surprised to learn you didn't make the short-list.

Bottom line is that crucial first gig as a software tester continues to elude you.

So what trick are you missing?

Practical software testing experience.

Focussing just on theoretical jargon, without gaining direct insight into what exactly is required in the work place is the biggest mistake many would-be testers make.

Employers these days will not even consider applicants that simply have a theoretical overview. They need you to demonstrate knowledge of real world testing scenarios.

This is why we have designed our course to be different from the others out there - This is not ISEB/IQSTB revision 101.
On this course if you haven't learnt how to analyse requirements, generate test cases and write test scripts at the end of the course then we are not doing our job.

If everything goes over your head first time...then we want you to come back again...for free! in fact come back as many times as you like for up to 6 months.
If you really want that software testing job and you can put the effort in then we are here to make sure you get it.

So if you are looking at getting into the industry, then this is the software testing course for you. We cover the essentials you need to know in order to get started as a professional tester with practical hands-on experience.

Thereafter students will not only be able to make a good impression at any interview situation they will also gain the confidence to make a start in a successful testing career.

We are not debunking understanding the theory behind testing and of course it is important for students to develop an understanding of various testing techniques, fundamental testing terminology and if they wish to sit the ISEB Foundation exam .

We simply recognise that most people are able to pick up the theory on their own via the vast resources available online and other sources.

To this end we have a virtual learning zone that we give students access to upon registering for the course. We require that they spend some time exploring the material in here before attending the classroom part of the programme.
We also recommend the book opposite as additional reading material.

However, it's the application of the theory of testing that's not so obvious or readily available.

The practical approach we adopt for our software testing essentials course is exactly what you need to help you get a great job in this sector.


Our 10 week hands-on project based Software Testing Essentials Training

Course Outline:

Phase 1

Software Testing Fundamentals

  • STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)
  • Testing Techniques, Levels of Testing, Types of Testing, Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Test Process Selection and Analysis
  • Defect Management
  • Software Metrics
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk Management
  • Test Report

Java Language

  • Eclipse IDE/Intelii J IDE
  • Run and Debug programs
  • Data types, Classes, Objects
  • OOPs Concepts-Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction
  • Loops, Decisions, Functions, Methods, Constructors
  • Java Collections, HashMap, ArrayList etc
  • Exception Handling
  • Excel File handling, File System handling, DB connections
  • Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Java 8 features, Stream Library
  • Java Design Patterns, Factory, Builder, Decorator, Iterator
  • Design Principles, like SOLID, KISS etc
  • Maven Project management, Plugins, Phases, Goals, Test Executions
  • Maven Surefire and Fail Safe plugin, Multiple Execution, Parallel Execution, Maven profiles


Phase 2

UI Automation Selenium

  • Selenium Basics-HTML basics-Element Finding and perform Operations
  • Alert Handling, Mouse & keyboard activities, Frame handling, Drop Down selections
  • Locator strategy-Xpaths, Xpath axes, Complex locators, Dynamic Xpaths
  • Multiple Browser Invocation techniques
  • Page Object Model/Page Factory
  • Java Script Executor, Screenshot Capturing


  • Introduction of Frameworks: Junit, TestNG and Cucumber
  • Cucumber Basics-Features, Gherkin, Background, Annotations, Step definitions
  • Cucumber hooks, Before and After, Scenario Interface
  • Log 4j and Extent report
  • Page Object Model Varied Implementation
  • API Automation Framework creation from Scratch
  • Selenium Automation Framework creation from Scratch Using Lightning Components in Lightning Experience
    ISVs, Packaging, and AppExchange


Phase 3

Source Code Management

  • Git Basics and Commands: add, push, commit, fetch, merge, Conflict Resolution
  • Git Hub Operations, Pull Request reviews, Team Collaboration

Testing Methodology and project Management Tools

  • Agile Process, Agile Pyramid, Agile Basics
  • Agile-Scrum, Kanban Basics
  • Project Management Tool: Jira
  • Test and Defect Management Tool: QA Touch
  • Continuous Integration Tools
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery
  • Jenkins Basics
  • Jenkins Installation and Configurations
  • Jenkins Environment Set Up
  • Execute Tests Using Jenkins
  • Scheduled Builds or Polling Github


Project Experience and Mentoring Projects

We understand the challenges that most people looking for a career as a software tester or business analyst will face. The main problem is that even though you have had extensive training and are up to speed with all the theories and methodologies...what you lack is that solid end-to-end live project experience.

As part of this training programme, we are able to provide this work experience/Mentoring program that is embedded into the latter stages of course and not at the very end

Project 1: UI Automation- Ecommerce Domain Project using Cucumber and Selenium with at least 50 + test cases

Project 2: API Automation Project-Ecommerce Domain using Cucumber and Rest Assured-with at least 50 + test cases



On registration, we will give you access to our virtual learning zone prior to attending our course. You will find tons of documents, resources, exercises and tests to prepare you ahead of the  practical classroom training. This resource area also Includes mock tests that will help you towards the ISEB/ ITSQB exam if you want to pursue this.

Your trainer, Sarang, is an Automation lead with many years of experience in Quality Assurance field. He has specific expertise in Test automation for Ecommerce and BFSI domains with (Selenium
+ Java).


A reminder of the great benefits you get by training with Futuretrend:
-    Reputable company in business for over 20 years.
-    Professional software testing training at a rock bottom price!
-    Teaching by industry pro's.
-    Testing Templates and resources.
-    CV Assistance.
-    Interview  Support.
-    Practical projects to build testing portfolio/confidence
-    1 years access to our virtual learning zone.
-    Free refresher of whole course* (up to 6 months).

Reserve your space with a deposit of £100 (see Paypal option below); the balance can be paid on course start day. Strictly subject to space availability (max class size: 10 people)

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