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Advanced Selenium Web Driver Training (With Javascript, Headless Browser, iFrames, SauceLabs, SIKULI,Page Object Model,Maven,Jenkins, Connect to DB & Data Driven Framework)


Our 2 day Selenium Advanced/Test Automation Architect course will teach students how to build various real time Test Automation frameworks in Selenium WebDriver and implement best practices like Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Configuration Management using Git, design patterns like Page Object Model etc.

Your tutor will be Biswajit Nanda (one of the authors of the book "Master Selenium WebDriver programming fundamentals in Java" displayed opposite) so you can be guaranteed this is first rate training from a serious professional.

Course Summary and objectives
Robust test automation architecture in an organisation achieves the following goals.

  • Smart Test Design considerations
  • Effective Test reporting especially for the business users
  • Configuration Management of Tests
  • Continuous integration
  • Effective Test Automation Frameworks
  • Cross-Browser compatibility testing
  • Advanced features like performance tests, Database tests, dynamic XPaths, iFrames etc.

This course aims to teach students how the above mentioned goals will be addressed in Selenium. The aim of this course is not to teach basic Selenium concepts but to elevate students (that already have adequate knowledge of Selenium) to a different level. Students can even apply all these concepts to real projects (without having real time experience) in organisations implementing Selenium.

Candidates need to have adequate Selenium knowledge or have undertaken our Beginner Level Selenium course.
It is essential for you to bring your Laptop for setting up environments that will allow for practice after class.

High Level Course Outline:

Test Design

    • Test Design considerations at a glance
      • Testing Static content
      • Testing Links
      • Testing Dynamic Elements
      • Desired Capabilities
      • UI Maps
    • Page Object Model
      • What is POM
      • Advantages of POM
      • Page Factory class
      • Inheritance and Encapsulation in POM
      • Implementing POM for a project
      • Integrating POM with JUnit / TestNG


    Cross Browser Testing (Multiple platforms/Browsers) in Sauce Labs

      • Creating tests in different platforms and browsers
      • Creating and running Selenium Tests in Sauce labs
      • Amending tests to run the tests in different platforms

Headless Browser Testing(with HTMLUnit and PhantomJS)

      • What is headless browser testing?
      • Advantages with Headless browser testing.
      • Where it’s used?
      • Designing and running tests using HTMLUnit /Phantom JS  

    Test Reporting

    • Test Reporting using JUnit and Ant
      • Downloading and configuring Ant
      • Generating HTML reports using Ant
      • Building batch files using Ant and scheduling to run in an automated manner
    • Test Reporting using tools like TestNG and Ant
      • Advantages of TestNG
      • Installing TestNG
      • Annotations - @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeMethod,@AfterMethod, @Test, @BeforeSuite and @AfterSuite etc
      • TestNG.xml configuration
      • TestNG with parameters
      • Skipping Tests in TestNG
      • XSLT reports in TestNG
      • Build.XML configuration
      • Generating XSLT reports in TestNG

    Test Dependency Management using Maven

      • Advantages of Maven
      • Creating a Maven project
      • POM.xml
      • Importing a Maven project into Eclipse
      • Importing Selenium Jar files to Maven
      • Running the Maven tests

    Configuration Management using Git

      • Why Configuration Management
      • Installing Git on Windows
      • Learning Git commands
      • GitHub introduction

    Continuous Integration using Jenkins

      • Introduction to continuous integration and configuring Jenkins
      • Creating a Jenkins project
      • Creating jobs in Jenkins

    Advanced concepts

      • Selenium Grid – Introduction and running tests on multiple nodes
      • Connecting to Databases, JDBC Connectivity
      • Manipulating Excel files and generating logs through Log4J API
      • Manipulating Text files
      • Manipulating iFrames
      • Handling SSL certificate errors
      • Handling cookies
      • Manipulating Web Tables
      • Miscellaneous concepts

    Implementing a Data Driven/Hybrid framework
    Client side Performance testing in Selenium

      • Measuring response time of web pages
      • Using Stopwatch class
      • Using other available tools to measure response time and throughput of web pages


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