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RPA BA Training

The RPA (Robotics Process Automation) space is rapidly expanding — and it's just the beginning of the story. As the automation narrative continues to mature and progress, businesses are starting to see the value that augmented intelligence brings. Join us for a 2 day boot camp to learn how a business analyst works in a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project and all the skills needed to succeed as an RPA business analyst.

RPA BA Training Course Content :

An overview of Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
What is RPA?
Why RPA? Benefits for organisations
What type of process is a good fit for RPA?
The RPA Lifecycle

Organisational challenges of implementing RPA
Solutions to challenges
Practicalities in choosing a suitable process(s) to automate
Process automation opportunities across various sectors

Deploying RPA
Creating/establishing the Centre of Excellence (CoE)
Roles within the CoE
Stakeholder(s)/Project sponsor
RPA Business Analyst
RPA Solutions Architect/Developers
RPA Testers
RPA Governance and Compliance Team

RPA Business Analyst: Your role
Conducting the kick-off meeting
Conducting the Initial Process Assessment (IPA)
Scoping and Analysis
Shortlisting processes & identifying high potential automatable processes
Apply scoring mechanism to confirm automatable processes
IPA completion and handoff for validation and sign off
Documenting the AS-IS and TO-BE processes

Your role: Define phase
Creating the Process Definition Document (PDD)
Creating the Functional Requirements Questionnaire (FRQ)
Drafting the RPA Change Request Form
Handing off the PDD and Change Request Form for validation and sign off

Your role: Design phase
Supporting the RPA Solutions Architects/Developers
Collaborating in the creation of the Operational Impact Document (OID) utilising the FRQ
Supporting the Developers in creating the Solution Design Document (SDD) and the Object Design Instruction (ODI)

Your role: Build phase
Supporting the RPA Solutions Architects/Developers
Support the creation of the Operations Handbook and updating the OID from the previous phase

Your role: Test phase
Supporting the Test team
Supporting the Test team in creating the Implementation Plan
Collaborating with the Test team in creating a Test Strategy and Test Plan

Your role: Deploy phase
Supporting the Operational Team during RPA deployment
Drafting the benefits close-out report
Supporting the Developers and Test team in creating the Process Build Tracker (PBT).

Your role: Monitor phase
Drafting the Robotic Operational report
Creating a deployment checklist for the RPA project
Collaborating with RPA Governance Team to ensure RPA project is compliant with security policies and data governance
Collaborating with stakeholder(s), SME and Project sponsor to ensure that RPA deployment aligns with organisation’s vision and objectives


What will you learn ?

  • Delegates will understand the full RPA lifecycle

  • At the end of the training delegates will have a practical knowledge of the role of a BA in each phase of the RPA lifecycle

  • Delegates will be aware of the expected deliverables at each stage of the RPA project and how to deliver them

  • Delegates will understand the best practice approach with a provision of templates to support

NOTE: There will be a post-training CV workshop for delegates on how to include RPA projects on their CV, with a detailed explanation on roles and responsibilities carried out on various RPA projects.

Who can attend?

Any IT enthusiast who desires a career in Robotics Process Automation.
Graduate students desiring to break into the IT job market with the desire to improve business processes.

Established Business Analysts, Systems Analysts or any professional aiming to learn and understand the full RPA lifecycle, and the best practice approach in deploying RPA within organisations.

Class Environment, structure and focus 

This is a 2-day RPA for Business Analysts Training course. Classes take place over the weekend (Saturday & Sunday), with the training content broken down into 2 parts: An overview of RPA and Your role as a Business Analyst in each phase of the RPA lifecycle.

Time is from 10:30am to 17:30pm each day.

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RPA BA Training
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