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Remote Access Training

Our ‘Remote Attend’ courses allow you to access our classroom training without leaving your home or office and are designed to provide synchronous real-time experience for the remote student.

Students attending classes remotely see the instructor's presentation where they will be able to see, hear and interact with the tutor and classroom based delegates. They will be able to see all trainer demonstrations, slides and board work and can interact during the sessions, joining in discussions with the trainer and the other delegates or if preferred can raise questions via the text-based virtual interface and the tutor can answer either in a private one to one conversation or to the class in general.

Delegates also have access to hands-on practice as though they were attending in the classroom with our instructors being able to see the student’s screens to offer guidance and can even assist a remote student that may be having difficulties.

How it works:

Step 1
On registration before the start of the course we will send you Joining Instructions by email.

Step 2
Enter ‘My Virtual Learning Account’ to access any pre-study requirements and to download any required software prior to course start date. From here you can book a pre-test with the Virtual Learning Team, who will check everything works.

Step 3
15-30 minutes before the course begins you should launch the software, connect your audio and familiarise yourself with the interface.

Step 4
The course will be split into multiple sessions throughout each day, with short breaks in between so you can stay focused and refreshed. These timings will be outlined to you at the start of the training.

Step 5
Throughout the course the learning professional will use the Zoom platform to share presentations and notes to your screen and the Virtual Learning Area for you to download and upload resources.

Step 6
You can ask the learning professional a question at any time, either by simply speaking through your microphone or by using the interactive features.

Step 7
Following the course, you will have access to your virtual learning area for up to 1 years to continue practicing using the resources provided.

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