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Software Testing and Business Analyst Work Experience Mentoring Programme

Our work experience and mentoring program is focused within the digital arena– including Ecommerce, LMS and App development. People that are keen to work in this field using agile delivery will find this program suitable.
Most mentoring programmes last an average of 6 - 8 weeks. You will be working on live projects and produce quality deliverables for live clients.

How does it work?

You will have an initial interview with the Programme Director who will assign you to one of the ongoing or incoming live projects. (interview is designed to evaluate your time commitments, current skills and intended direction to make sure you are placed on the most appropriate project).
Whilst on project there will be cross-functional interaction with Software Testers, Developers, Business Analysts, Mentors/ Lead BA' s ,Project Managers and Product owners/Stakeholders (sometimes meetings can occur twice or thrice a week).

Programme highlights

  • You will work on the most important artefacts based on your role (BA/Tester)
  • You will have the artefacts reviewed and signed off by programme director/client.
  • You will have assignments, tasks and reports to complete every week.
  • You will have interaction with clients for gathering requirements
  • You will learn multiple ways of gathering requirements
  • You will provide knowledge transfer of project requirements to other stakeholders
  • You will participate in testing process: Test plan, test case creation and review
  • You will learn about change management process and handling scope creep.
  • You will become familiar with onsite/offshore collaboration
  • You will learn to use various types of project management tools (i.e.Trello, Jira, Glifi and confluence.)
  • BA- FRD, BRD, SCope doc, UC, USer stories, UML, RTM, Change mgmt, Project backlog
  • Testers - QA - Test Plan, Test cases, Test report, Test status report etc
  • Communication is held via webex, zoom, join.me and email
  • You will work with your team in either agile or waterfall methods.
  • We provide interview support to you during your job hunting period
  • We provide references for you based on work you have actually done with us

What are the outcomes?

At the end of the mentoring programme, participants will have had experience of:

  • Working within a project team environment, a good understanding of their role, key responsibilities and relationship with fellow project members
  • Working with stakeholders to gather and document requirements.
  • Working with business stakeholders to define, scope and initiate projects.
  • Breaking down complex business scenarios or problems into process and data models
  • Validating requirements by producing Use Cases and assessing requirements against defined quality criteria.
  • Test Execution, Defect Reporting and Tracking
  • Test Result and Completion reporting etc.
  • Working with stakeholders to develop optimum solutions to defined requirements.
  • Presenting findings to business stakeholders and their project team.
  • Working with various project management, test management and reporting tools.

Whats the cost?

Are you ready to commit? The programme will normally cost you £500.

However, if you are a Student on our Software Testing Essentials or Business Analysis Essentials training course we will provide the same for just £250. Please book here or call us on 020 8443 2888 if you require more info for this part of the programme.

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