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Mobile Automation testing using APPIUM starter program


The objective of this course is to provide a quick introduction to recipients about conducting Mobile automation testing using Appium.

Course Outline:


  • Appium Features
  • Advantages of using Appium           
  • Appium architecture

Appium Installation on WINDOWS for Android Automation

  • Installing Android Studio and Java            
  • Configuring System variables for both Android SDK and Java             
  • Downloading Eclipse and Installing ADT Plugin
  • New update on Installation          
  • Configuring ADT plugin settings in Eclipse             
  • Installing Appium Server and Jars      
  • Creating Eclipse project and Configuring Appium selenium jars                


APPIUM first program

  • Desired Capabilities concepts  
  • Invoking Android Virtual Device    
  • First Program explaining Mobile Capabilities          
  • Android Driver Invocation   


Web APPS Automation

  • Chrome Browser Configuration setup in Mobile
  • Automating the Chrome Mobile Browser     
  • UserAgent-Identifying objects in Mobile Browser 
  • Automating Mobile Specific Web Sites
  • Exercise on Real Device-Mobile Browser Automation    
  • TroubleShooting the Real device to recognize objects       
  • Automating a Mobile Web View Site       


Native APPS Automation      

  • Program on Invoking Apps
  • UI Automator Tool to identify objects
  • Automating app UI Using of ID,Xpath ClassNames
  • Appium API's for UI interaction
  • Mobile Gestures Automation
  • UI Selector class in handling Advanced API's
  • AndroidKeyEvents Handling
  • Procedure for downloading App in Emulator(Virtual devices)
  • Invoking App with package Activity


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