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API/Web Services testing using SOAP UI for beginners (Covering both SOAP and REST protocols)


API/Web Services testing is becoming more and more important in organisations due to the dynamic nature of UI layers. This course will teach SOAPUI to students which the topmost Web services testing tool existing in the market right now. This tool is very highly used in organisations for testing both SOAP and REST protocols. This course will methodically teach students how SOAP can be used to test web services effectively.

Here are the search results from CWJobs for keyword SOAPUI which shows how much this tool is in demand right now.

Course Outline:


  • Why SoapUI?    
  • Functional testing           
  • What is an API? 4
  • What is a Web Service?
  • SOAP    
  • REST     
  • Testing APIs      
    • No graphical user interface         
      • Request and response 
      • Exploring

Getting Started

  • Installing             
  • Your first project             
  • Add a test suite
  • Add a test          
  • Add an assertion             
  • Run the test      
  • Run the test suite           
  • Further exploration       


Create Tests

  • Verify a range   
  • Verify response time    
  • Verify schema compliance          
  • Go pro: Point and click testing   
    • Verify a range   


Data Driven Testing

  • Go pro: Data source out of the box
  • Create a data source     
  • Create a test with parameters  
  • Loop over the data source
  • Execute the test case    
  • Further exploration       



  • Manual
  • Go pro: Test debugging


Multiple enviroments

  • Change the target environment                38
  • Go pro: Multi-Environment Support        39
  • Create a test report       


Organise your work

  • Workspaces      
  • Version control
  • Why      
  • What    
  • How      
  • Open source or an enterprise system?     



  • Run SoapUI test suites without SoapUI  (From eclipse)
  • Command line  
  • Integrate with Maven   
  • Add a repository for SoapUI       
  • Add and configure the SoapUI plugin    


Groovy programming basics

  • Creating variables
  • Loops in groovy
  • Printing the value of variables
  • Setting properties and viewing properties in SOAP UI by using groovy
  • Connecting to a database from groovy


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